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Level 1


Leap forward, slamming your sword into the ground and damaging enemies in a radius. Deals additional damage if Lion's Roar is active.
Effective against Heroes and slow-moving or immobile Troops, like Mek Factory.
Cooldown: 10 seconds


Unleash a battle cry, increasing your power and that of nearby allies. Enemies directly in front of you are knocked back and stunned.
Effective when used with friendly Troops, like Drum Drum.
Cooldown: 20 seconds


Split the ground with your sword, dealing damage to enemies in front of you. Deals additional damage near the impact point and if Lion's Roar is active.
Effective against groups of Troops and Portals.
Cooldown: 40 seconds



A one-time commanding officer of the Citadel's army, Dravik and his infantry were charged with completing a grueling military campaign. As the battles wore on and casualties mounted, the commander became battle-hardened, resolved to victory and increasingly ruthless. After years of fighting on the Citadel's behalf, Dravik returned home with the remains of his forces only to find that citizens feared his soldiers and how savage they had become. Now an outcast, the would-be war hero roams the land, seeking the next fight and a true test of his mettle. 


Dravik's massive sword and leaping attacks give him impressive melee range and power, though he's relatively slow compared to other Heroes. His Abilities can help him turn a DPS-focused team into a nightmare for opponents.


Lion's Roar, Dravik's second Ability, is a war cry that temporarily increases his power and that of nearby Troops. As it makes his other two Abilities more effective, make an effort to stack it. Sword Crusher is a leaping slam that will inflict damage in a small radius; it has a decent range and players should practice to learn how far away they need to be to land it. Dravik's Ultimate Ability, World Splitter, will unleash a devastating wave of damage from his position. Enemies in front of the Hero will take damage, with those closest to him feeling the worst of his wrath.


Dravik needs room to jump when using Sword Crusher and benefits from having melee-style Troops in play to keep enemies from pressing. The Ability does good damage against Heroes, but it's also easy to avoid - consider using it against your opponent's backline or Troops that have been immobilized instead. Drum Drum's power boost pairs nicely with Dravik's own, while Wind Armor or Shield can be used to mitigate damage when leaping into the fray. Archer can provide inexpensive ranged support and a well-timed Brute or Bouncer can help keep Troops away from getting to your Portal.