Update 0.11.0

Update 0.11.0

TinyTitanBrad TinyTitanBrad | December 13, 2018 6:47 PM

Update 0.11.0 adds a new Hero card, epic and legendary skins and a completely new card type:



  • Lowered daily bounty crown goal to 10 crowns.
  • Reduced respawn time after Hero is KO’d.
  • Added brief period of invulnerability on Hero respawn.


  • Fixed an issue with tutorial AI scaling more dramatically than intended.
  • Fixed an issue with packet loss not prompting the poor connection popup.
  • Fixed an issue with the featured panel on the home screen jittering during menu navigation.
  • Fixed an issue with the featured panel on the home screen getting stuck mid-scroll after battles.
  • Fixed an issue with the featured panel on the home screen overlapping featured items when a new Arena is unlocked.
  • Fixed layering issues with art assets in various locations in the UI.
  • Fixed visual issues related to the level up sequence in various Arenas.
  • Added safeguards to try and prevent the inability to connect for some players.
  • Added checks to prevent players from connecting to incorrect servers based on geography.



  • This manakin monarch is designed to support a low-cost, manakin-focused deck and features three new abilities: Star Burst, Mana Dance and Reinforcements!
  • Star Burst – Mana Queen lobs a magical star that inflicts damage and stuns enemy units.
  • Mana Dance – Mana Queen dances to regenerate 1 Mana per second for the duration of the dance. When the dance completes, +0.5 Mana is received per active Manakin Troop in play.
  • Reinforcements! – A barrage of mini-Manakin Troops is summoned to aid the Queen in battle.


  • Spell cards can now be added to a player’s deck to supplement their cards or play style. Our first wave of spells includes Armykin, Shield, Mana Missile, Sugar Rush and Electify.


  • Summon a group of Manakin.
  • Group size and Manakin level increase with card level.


  • Offers a significant defense boost for a short duration.
  • Damage reduction increases with card level.


  • Launches a powerful missile at the opposing Hero.
  • Damage increases with card level.


  • Increases Attack Speed and Move Speed for a short duration.
  • Attack Speed and Move Speed bonuses increase with card level.


  • Shocks nearby enemy targets.
  • Damage increases with card level.



  • A variety of Epic and Legendary rarity skins have been added.
  • These skins dramatically change the appearance of your Hero and are unique to each character.
  • These skins will be made available gradually over the coming weeks.


  • All player level up bonuses now grant + Engine HP.

We’d like to thank our players for their amazing feedback. Rest assured, more improvements, optimizations and new content are on the way in future updates!

The Arena Stars Team

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