Update 0.12.0

Update 0.12.0

TinyTitanBrad TinyTitanBrad | December 24, 2018 7:08 PM

Update 0.12.0 introduces Seasons and Season Rewards to Arena Stars! Here’s a closer look at all of the changes and new additions:


  • Fixed issue with initial attack missing and not inflicting damage if players tapped on a target that was already selected.
  • Fixed issue with back button disappearing during certain instances where Not Enough Currency pop-ups appear.
  • Fixed an issue with minimum character limits on player names.


  • Added new introductory cinematics for Hero characters which play when new Arenas are unlocked.
  • Improved the game’s response to packet loss over online connections.
  • Players should see fewer visual issues (sliding, running offscreen) when encountering lag.


  • Player accounts are now created during the first play session; names will be pulled from Google Play/Apple Game Center accounts, if available, or defaulted where those options are unavailable.
  • Default names can be changed in the Player Profile.
  • Players may now choose to skip the tutorial; this can be replayed at any time from the Options menu.
  • Reduced delays on dialogue windows and input registration throughout tutorial to allow players to move through it more quickly.


  • Added reward items and hotlinks for Liking/Following on various social media platforms.
  • Enhanced the appearance of Store UI elements.


  • Improved visual effects for Hero cards rewarded in chests.
  • Improved aesthetics and effects for Stellar Victory win condition.


  • Changed names of some units.

Happy holidays to all of our players – more exciting additions are on the way in the new year!

The Arena Stars Team

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