Update 0.15.0

Update 0.15.0

TinyTitanBrad TinyTitanBrad | February 09, 2019 8:10 PM

Update 0.15.0 includes big game changes and visual updates:



  • The system for unlocking chests has been dramatically changed.
  • Players now have a pre-set pool of Crowns that can be earned. The current cap is 16 Crowns.
  • For each KO earned during battles, players will earn Crowns which reduce this pool. For example, a player who KOs their opponent twice will earn 2 Crowns, regardless of whether the battle is won or lost. If their pre-battle pool was 15 Crowns, it would be reduced to 13 Crowns.
  • Victories will earn players Chests that can be unlocked.
  • Each Chest will require a specific number of Crowns to unlock. If a player has multiple Chests in their inventory, Crowns will deduct from the unlock total of all Chests simultaneously.
  • Once a player’s Crown pool reaches zero, they can no longer earn Crowns to unlock Chests via battle until their Crown pool recharges.
  • Players will currently regain one crown to their pool every ten minutes.


  • Players can now challenge other players to battles from their Friends List.
  • Friend Battles ignore normal matchmaking flow.
  • Players will not gain or lose Trophies, Chests or currency during Friend Battles.



  • Six new cards will be available in the Season 2 reward track.
  • These new cards will be added to the regular chest rotation as listed below.


  • Rare Troop Card, 4 Mana Cost.
  • The Crashakin spawns a Minikin-filled ball that begins to roll across the Arena towards the unit that is furthest away.
  • As it rolls, Crashakin applies damage and knockback to any enemy units that it collides with.
  • When it reaches its target, Crashakin inflicts damage and breaks apart into Minikin, which attack enemy targets as normal.


  • Legendary Troop Card, 6 Mana Cost.
  • Bulwark is a heavily armored unit that stops periodically and performs a shield slam.
  • This shield slam increases the defense of nearby allies for a brief period of time.
  • Bulwark will perform a shield slam while moving or engaging enemy targets.


  • Legendary Spell Card, 6 Mana Cost.
  • This spell spawns a stationary Factory.
  • While active, the Factory will produce a Droid unit every 4 seconds. These Droids will attack the nearest enemy unit.


  • Epic Troop Card, 4 Mana Cost.
  • This elderly Manakin soldier generates 1 additional unit of Mana every 3 seconds that he remains in play.
  • Elderkin will also melee attack nearby enemies with his cane.


  • Common Spell Card, 2 Mana Cost.
  • This spell creates a mine on the player Hero’s location.
  • When an enemy enters the mine’s trigger radius, the mine explodes, dealing area-of-effect damage.
  • Enemies closer to the center of the explosion will be dealt more damage than those nearer to the outside of the radius.


  • Legendary Troop Card, 7 Mana Cost.
  • Gatling Squad spawns as a large Gatling gun operated by a Noble Troop.
  • After spawning, Gatling Squad will move within range of enemy units, wind up and begin firing.
  • While firing, multiple units can potentially be hit and damaged.
  • After a few seconds of firing, the gun will overheat and needs to cool down.



  • Updated the appearance and flow of the hub menu to provide players with greater clarity in terms of their progression.


  • Updated the battle UI to better reflect the game concept of KOs.
  • Heroes can now recover HP if they remain undamaged for more than 2 seconds; when a Hero is damaged, their permanent health (represented in a “shadow HP bar”) is reduced. If no damage is taken for 2 seconds, HP will slowly begin to recover to this permanent marker.


  • Heroes now deal 25% more damage against regular Troops.
  • Heroes now take 25% less damage from regular Troops.
  • Mana rates and growth curves have been adjusted throughout the game.
  • Missile damage now scales on level up.


  • Fixed a bug that occasionally kept Leaderboards from loading when opened.
  • Fixed an issue preventing proper connection of Facebook accounts and use of Facebook profile pictures.
  • Fixed a soft lock caused when trying to play on older game versions.
  • Fixed an issue preventing notifications from being sent on some devices.
  • Fixed a soft lock caused by New Content popups appearing during the tutorial.
  • Fixed a visual issue with “Your Rank” leaderboard text being overlapped by Leaderboard entries and player names.
  • Fixed spacing of Leaderboard row offsets on certain resolutions.
  • Fixed issue with Season Challenge UI not updating after receiving card rewards from Mega Crown Quest Chests.
  • Fixed issue with Knightingale’s Joust ability and Mekkan’s Barrage ability being usable while the opponent Hero is KO’d.
  • Fixed issue with Automaton Minis not exploding and remaining onscreen when stunned.
  • Fixed visual issue with state of spells that cannot be cast when the opponent Hero is KO’d; these spells will no longer appear to be usable in these situations.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some units from turning around if an enemy unit was too close to them.
  • Fixed an issue preventing ranged units from turning around to face targets if they were physically too close to the screen boundary.
  • Fixed a rare issue in which friendly Brute Troops could be targeted.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Emote menu to remain onscreen if it was open when a match ended.

Our new season begins next week and begins the introduction of our new cards and other rewards!

The Arena Stars Team

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