Update 0.16.0

Update 0.16.0

TinyTitanBrad TinyTitanBrad | March 01, 2019 8:17 PM

Update 0.16.0 includes improvements and new additions to help new and existing players:



  • Three new cards will be released as part of the next Season reward track.
  • Card details will be made available at a later time.


  • New Hero skins and profile icons will be released as part of the next Season reward track.



  • The Deck Edit menu has been overhauled to provide better functionality and a better overall snapshot of a deck’s potential performance, cost and value.
  • Players can now scroll through their available cards, equip and upgrade cards from the main edit landing menu.
  • Cards now include visual representations of archetype, class, power and Mana cost.
  • Cards can now be sorted by Class.


  • The tutorial has been significantly updated to remove first-time player friction and better introduce gameplay elements and strategies.
  • Training match completion requirements have been lowered.
  • Early matches now include callouts to help players discover and remember essential gameplay elements.
  • Tutorial guidance is now provided by Knightingale.


  • New quest types have been added to the pool of available bounty quests.
  • Players can now earn additional Gold, Star Shards, Crowns or SP as potential rewards when bounties are active.
  • Players can now potentially earn rewards as they make progress, rather than strictly receiving rewards when the bounty is completed/collected.


  • Mana Missile cost reduced to 5 Mana.


  • Fixed a bug in which Season Pass purchases mid-Season were not applying retroactive SP properly.
  • Fixed a bug in which Overdrive Season progress was not being properly reflected by Season Pass purchases mid-Season.
  • Fixed an issue in which the main menu Season container wasn’t updating progress for certain challenges.
  • Fixed an issue with certain Season challenges not updating progress if their requirements were met by collecting Season rewards.
  • Fixed an issue with chest reward sequences not showing if multiple chest rewards were collected in quick succession.
  • Fixed a soft lock caused by pressing Hero card info while collecting a daily reward bonus.
  • Fixed visual issue with Notify Me button in the developer news pop up.
  • Fixed a visual sorting issue was a background element in the Otherwhere Arena.
  • Fixed a visual issue with upgrade stats overlapping the upgrade progress bar in card upgrade sequences.
  • Fixed an issue with Doomray firing continuously if it turned around.
  • Gatling Squad will now correctly play its attack cooldown animation.
  • Jette’s Riff ability now correctly hits as front cone-shaped damage instead of AOE.
  • Mekkan’s turret attacks are no longer incorrectly registering as AOE.
  • Elledritch’s ultimate ability now restores the correct amount of HP, based on her maximum HP rather than current.

Our full worldwide launch is fast-approaching!

The Arena Stars Team

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