Update 1.2.0

Update 1.2.0

TinyTitanBrad TinyTitanBrad | May 06, 2019 8:13 PM

Update 1.2.0 includes several new features, such as a new ‘Try’ feature for unowned Heroes and a new summoning portal instead of the previous battle engine. See the list of changes below:

  • Reworked Season level balance curve, challenges now award more SP as a result.
  • Seasons now end on the Wednesday, 2 hours before the next Season begins.
  • Added a 'Try' functionality for unowned Heroes, takes people into a practice match using their current deck and replacing their Hero.
  • Added a card level cap per Arena, allowing new players an easier entry point and ensuring fairer matches.
  • We now display the win/loss trophy amount in the Arena view.
  • Changed the battle engine to a summoning portal.
  • Adjusted mana generation to 0.5 mana per second, we felt the rate was too high before to make strategic choices in battle.
  • Removed showing the card levels in battle to encourage strategy over upgrading concerns.
  • Fixed several loading issues.
  • Fixed repeat collecting of final VIP overdrive Season reward making it no longer possible.

As always, please let us know what you think of these changes! 

The Tiny Titan Team

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