Update 1.3

Update 1.3

TinyTitanBrad TinyTitanBrad | May 31, 2019 10:14 PM

Our biggest update yet! Update 1.3 is here and it brings a MASSIVE list of improvements! See below for the complete list!



  • Players can now create and join Battle Rooms using a unique room code.
  • Battle Rooms can have custom rules set by the room owner.
  • Players in a Battle Room can freely challenge each other without the need to use the Friends List or add a player as a friend.
  • Win/Loss records and KOs are visible to all players in the room.
  • Once a player enters a Battle Room, they may not change their deck without exiting the room.



  • Trophies are now earned for each individual Hero. A player’s collective Trophy count is based on the sum of all individual Hero Trophies.
  • The Leaderboard will now be driven by the highest overall Trophy count.
  • For existing players, their highest- level Hero will be rolled back to 3,000 Trophies.
  • All other Heroes will start at 0 Trophies.
  • Player Trophy levels have been reset to 3,000 Trophies. Shard rewards will be awarded to players who were over this threshold based on the following table:
    • 3,000 – 3,999 Trophies = 125 Shards
    • 4,000 – 4,999 Trophies = 250 Shards
    • 5,000 – 5,499 Trophies = 500 Shards
    • 5,500 – 5,999 Trophies = 750 Shards
    • 6,000 – 7,499 Trophies = 1,000 Shards
    • 7,500 – 9,999 Trophies = 1,250 Shards
    • 10,000+ Trophies = 1,250 Shards, 1 Wildcard


  • Players will be entered into a League Tier based on their total Trophy count.
  • Players will be awarded a league emblem and title which can be viewed on their profile.
  • League progression has been decoupled from visual Arena background changes (see the Arenas section for further details).


  • Players will now unlock new cards based on reaching overall Trophy milestones.
  • Once a milestone is reached, a player will be awarded one copy of the new card and the card will begin to appear in chests.
  • The next card to be unlocked and progress towards it is now displayed on the main screen.


  • Arenas have been repurposed as visual background changes only. They are no longer tied to League progression.
  • Players will unlock new Arena backgrounds by reaching overall Trophy milestones.
  • Players can set their preferred background from their profile, or can choose a random setting that will cycle through available backgrounds.


  • Battle tiers take the place of previous iterations of both Leagues and Arenas. Players will be grouped together in tiers based on their current Trophy counts. Players can pass in and out of these tiers as they win or lose Trophies, just as they have previously.
  • Each battle tier will have its own +/- Trophy amount and gold per win. This progress, as well as Trophy progress in relation to tier level, is much more granular than before through a total of 5,000 Trophies.
  • Trophies won/lost after matches become much closer in range as a player nears 5,000 Trophies, making progression more challenging.
  • After 5,000 Trophies is reached, players will gain/lose a single Trophy after each battle. If a Hero hasn’t been played by a given player in a week, their Trophy count will slowly begin to degrade back to 5,000. The intent behind this is to ensure active players have the best odds of topping the Leaderboards.


  • Reaching certain Trophy milestones will reward players with Hero Mastery rewards.
  • Players can earn currency, Wildcards, profile icons and exclusive skins.


  • Chests are no longer found after battle. Players will instead have one small and one big chest which refresh as they are opened.
  • The small chest can be opened by collecting KO’s in battle, while the big chest can be opened by collecting keys.
  • Both chests will cycle between various rarities as they are opened.
  • With the exception of Goddess Chests purchased from the store, chests will only contain cards which a player has already unlocked.


  • Keys are no longer collected in battle.
  • Keys are now found in small chests or included in player level up, quest or season rewards.
  • Keys are no longer tied to an energy/cap concept.


  • Heroes are now unlockable directly from the Hero Edit page. They are unlocked using Star Shards.
  • Unowned Heroes may be tested out using the Try button.
  • Hero Trophies earned while using unowned Heroes will not count against overall Trophy counts or Mastery Reward progress, but this Trophy progress will be tracked, applied and rewarded in the event that the Hero is purchased at a later time.
  • The Hero Edit UI has been modified to account for these changes.


  • Net code updates have been made in an effort to improve performance over the network. This process will be ongoing and may potentially present some issues which are currently unknown.
  • KOs are once again represented by a Crown icon, rather than a heart.
  • Seasons, quests and store deal slots now unlock based on player level.
  • Players are now able to name their decks and presets.
  • Team Edit, Hero Edit and the Main Menu have had assorted UI updates.
  • Leaderboards have been added for each Hero. The Friend Leaderboard has been removed as it can still be viewed from the Friend List.
  • Tips can now be skipped.
  • Tutorials and tips now feature the Arena Master character.
  • Hero and Legendary card upgrade requirements have been adjusted. Chest contents have been adjusted to account for the new values.
  • Wildcard conversion ratios have been adjusted.
  • Hero respawn times will now be displayed over a player’s profile icon when their Hero has been KO’d.
  • Improved damage number display in-battle.
  • New players can now choose from one of three starting Heroes: Knightingale, Mekkan or Miss Tea.
  • Devices will now vibrate slightly when a match is found.
  • Gold packs have been added as in-app purchases. Players may still convert gems to gold.
  • Chest information popup appearance has been updated.
  • Asset loading has been adjusted to help keep the size of the app reduced.




  • Hunter will now always target the enemy Hero.
  • Slight increase to movement speed from 2.5 to 2.6.
  • Increased base HP from 225 to 315.


  • Hypnotricks will now prioritize stunning nearby Troops over attacking the enemy Hero.
  • Power increase from 20 to 26.


  • Movement speed reduced from 1.4 to 1.1.
  • Active duration increased slightly from 7s to 8.8s.


  • Movement speed increased from 1 to 1.5.
  • HP increased from 250 to 260.
  • Minor attack range increase from 0.8 to 0.9.
  • Reduced minimum engage distance from 0.78 to 0.1.
  • Increased sneak attack damage from 100 to 125.
  • Increased power slightly from 16 to 18.


  • Increased HP from 375 to 425.



  • Removed invincibility frames from the end of True Form.


  • Increased amp speed from 1.75 to 2.3.
  • Removed knockback effect on Showstopper.


  • Fixed High Tea AOE damage to be based around her target, rather than her own position.
  • Reduced the range of her AOE attack from 1.5 to 0.75.



  • Fixed issue with ping information disappearing due to button scaling.
  • Fixed issue with player level up chests appearing during other chest opening sequences.
  • Fixed bug with Knightingale’s Lance ability not triggering if it is used immediately as Guard is deactivating.
  • Fixed visual ordering issues with Mekkan’s Steamworx skin.
  • Fixed issue with Eyefly’s bomb attack not targeting non-Troop enemies.
  • Fixed issue in which Stalker could become permanently stunned while changing states.
  • Fixed issue with Heroes occasionally having global attack range on respawn for their first auto-attack.
  • Fixed issue with Wildcard tip text scaling in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed issue with health bars rendering on top of the leave button during practice matches.
  • Fixed issue with portal spawn SFX playing with Troops/Abilities/Spells that spawn Troops.
  • Fixed issue in which Knightwing and Siege Tower could be permanently stunned or stuck in idle by Mekkan’s Seismic Assault.
  • Fixed issue with Siege Tower not properly displaying visual effect for being targeted.
  • Fixed issue with random deck option in practice matches defaulting the active hero to Knightingale.
  • Fixed visual issue with progress bar when collecting Mage card reward from joining Discord.
  • Fixed issue with free cards collected from the Store not tracking against the Collect Free Gifts season challenge.
  • Fixed issue in which unreleased Heroes could potentially be purchased.


  • Fixed issue in which players could emote over the post match results screen using hotkeys.
  • Fixed issue with players being able to scroll season menu using shoulder triggers if playing with a controller.
  • Fixed issue with resolution list getting cut off at very high resolution settings.
  • Fixed issue with hotkeys being able to change deck presets during tutorial.
  • Fixed issue with cursor appearing underneath the tip dim and popup dialogues.

And that's 1.3! What are your thoughts? Join our Discord community, share your feedback and help be a part of future developments!

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